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Are you a fitness professional or service provider?

Did you know that people around the world are heading back to gyms while also remaining on the virtual and at home routines they created during the pandemic? (Fortune Magazine;


  • 75% of those that use virtual fitness also go to in-person classes Gyms and studios that offer virtual workouts increase their in-person class attendance by 12%
  • More than half of online fitness users also go to the gym 3x a week and spend more time on average than other members

So how are you reaching your clients and growing your business?

Your goal isn’t to learn how to manage a physical location (dealing with subleases, rentals, equipment, employees, payroll and facility management. No, you would like to avoid the ever day minutia and headaches that come along with location management.)

Your goal is to be the expert you are and help a lot of people improve their life and health.

Salubrity is your business in a box solution without the headaches

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We deliver state of facilities along with a unique omnichannel experience that allows fitness and wellness professionals to spend less time and money while earning more and making a profit.

Want to learn how we do this and how you can capitalize on this trillion-dollar industry while helping to grow your own salubrious community?


But you have no consistent, state of the art facility to service them in

Hourly rental places don’t work for you because they are someone else’s branded studio, they don’t provide a space to create community, the space isn’t tailored to your needs, and it does not have the technology to help you leverage your time and grow your business instantly.

Come join our community

and grow with us as we help you to grow and scale your business

Salubrity is currently expanding nationally. If you would like to be in the know, while meeting other like-minded fitness and wellness professionals, create a free profile and answer a few questions to be accepted into our growing community ( link)

You can see our facility rooms, current locations, and connect with experts who can help you with mindset, time management, marketing, and more.